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Online Personal Training
How it works?
Online personal training allows you to have online access to a trainer to ask health and fitness questions regarding your program. The trainer can also be available virtually to help you guide with your exercise program just like working with a trainer in your own house. You wlll receive a weekly program tailored to your personal needs. Nutrition guide can also be access online with additional small cost on your part - depending on the purchase of software application.

What's included?
Assessment - About half hour or one hour long depending on program.

Virtual Training - Trainer will guide you via Skype, Facetime or Google Hangout as you exercise.

Weekly Exercise Program - You will receive weekly update of different exercises targeting different muscle groups.

Nutrition guidelines - You will receive a link to log your daily meals and macros to track progress.

* Calorie tracker application
Program Cost:
1 Week = $ 50  
Includes : 1 exercise program, 2 (30 min) assessment
                nutrition guide

1 month = $160
Includes : 4 exercise programs, 1 weekly assessment
                nutrition log/calorie tracker

Virtual Training 30 minutes = $35 (Core exercise and corrective exercise only)