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SureFitness  is a company based in Montgomery County, MD that offers an affordable personal training service to its community. We offer a variety of programs tailored to each individual needs. We understand that “everyday life” can be very stressful, so we tried to make health and fitness as convenient to you by using your own home as your personal gym. We offer complimentary session for you to try us and to educate you how to manage your health through exercise and proper diet.
It’s never too late to start a healthier life. We can assure you that through our personal guidance that you can achieve your fitness goals. We work with everyone regardless of their fitness levels. Our mission is to improve your health and achieve what’s important to our client’s success.

WWhy personal training?

People train for many reasons, maybe to lose weight, firm and tone body shape, prepare for an event like probably, a wedding or a product launch, rehabilitation from illness or injury, participation in a marathon, post-pregnancy or on doctor's advice -instruction, the list is pretty extensive. And so, hiring a personal trainer becomes popular. It means clients get regular, dedicated time with their trainer, and are completely focussed on their own personal health and fitness objectives. Most people are aware of the importance of personal trainers and do not hesitate to hire them! 

But for those that do not know the importance of personal trainers, hereunder is a few vital points highlighted for you to take recognisance of. Motivation is a big issue with exercise and over 95% of gym memberships eventually lapse because of the lack of this vital element! By hiring a personal trainer you can be assured of, scheduled appointments for motivation, no advance fees or contract for a long period of time, personalized programmes, confidence of knowing progression is professionally monitored-advanced accordingly and dedicated, personal attention for all your needs! 

Most people think that having a personal trainer may be too expensive, come to think of it, this is not entirely true.Taking the area you live in, into consideration, and the program you choose, training fees can be negotiated and agreed on, if discussed with the trainer. With a trainer, a unique program is designed especially for you. Your program is made to fit your goals, ability and health conditions. Your weights are set up for you. The trainer demonstrates each exercise and refreshes your memory when necessary. Your progress, reps and weights are monitored and are increased according to your strength and ability. You can be assured that there is no guess work, on your part.